About Us

About Us

We’re in the 4th Industrial revolution where digital technology empowers.

sourceMe provides the opportunity to recently qualified graduates who are entering the job market for the first time, to be sourced and screened online by employers who are searching for graduates with specific qualifications to employ. Grads who are hungry for growth and success!

We built this platform specifically to allow graduates to showcase their qualifications and passions directly to employers – anytime, anywhere - by creating a profile and uploading a 30 second video of themselves.

sourceMe is intended to disrupt traditional HR labour intensive recruitment paradigms and processes. Employers can now eliminate weeks of first round interviews, by being able to search and screen potential candidates quickly, directly and remotely, merely by refining their search with specific criteria to match their needs.

Here employers can view profiles, watch videos and utilise the efficiencies of the digital world to find the exact candidate they are searching for – from anywhere!

sourceMe puts grads first and streamlines recruitment for employers. We connect employers to graduates directly. No recruitment middle man, no sign-up fees or job searching for grads. Easy, efficient, direct.

sourceMe is the brain child of a Strategic HR Specialist and Psychologist, with over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry.

The concept of sourceMe was developed after years of working with frustrated HR/employers who were trying to source talent from within limited talent pools, as they usually only wanted to focus on candidates with experience, who were often expensive to hire and job-hopped making succession planning challenging.

After experimenting with graduate pilot pools, and seeing the success and value add of employing such raw talent hungry for growth, it made sense to create a permanent solution for HR/employers.

The process also highlighted the dire situation of graduates, who leave their institutions and are then alienated from the job market due to lack of experience with no opportunity to penetrate the flooded job market - even on a voluntary basis.

The solution for both is sourceMe: an online digital sourcing and employment solution for Graduates and Employers.


  • Cannot break into the working world with no experience.
  • Get lost on traditional job sites as no experience and don’t come up in searches.
  • In possession of skills of the future and are fast learners craving opportunity.


  • Exorbitant agency placement fees.
  • Inundated with responses, often irrelevant, to every job advert.
  • Time consuming and labour intensive manual sourcing and screening processes.
  • Increased salary costs to hire employees with experience.
  • Succession planning challenges.